About being Joyful


I am Mother Joyful.  I adore my child and try to nurture him in a natural and wholesome way.  This usually means going to extreme lengths to live a toxin free lifestyle and making sure that Mother Earth isn’t burdened with any of our rubbish.  This in turn leads to loudly preaching a greener philosophy and in the process annoying a whole bunch of people, namely my family.  They eventually do listen and tell me that I was right all along, and that is always satisfying.  I also acknowledge that it’d be far less taxing to eat, wear and breathe plastic as opposed to any of the other alternatives available, after all healthier isn’t always easier.

If I said ‘I love to plant trees’, I’d be lying because I never have.  And if I said ‘I love to swim in clear oceans’, that may invoke some images of an adventurous ecowarrior type figure, but again that wouldn’t be true since I’m terrified of little fish swimming between my toes.  Nevertheless I still consider myself a tree hugging hippie super hero.

I like being Mother Joyful, but sometimes I am Mother Ambivalent and other times I am Mother Melancholy, as well as Mother Frustrated, Mother Angry, Mother Mental and Mother Down-Right-Fabulous.  I am also Mother Honest, so I’ll tell you that I’ve always fancied myself as a Carrie Bradshaw (you know the columnist from Sex and the City) and it helps that I resemble her a little bit – a fact that i’ve never appreciated but if I can CAPITALIZE  on it I certainly will.  And since we’re being honest here I will also tell you that motherhood rocks, sucks, fulfills and crushes all at the same time.  Oh, and I’m a Briton currently sailing through the Americas the beyond, hence spelling and references may be somewhat confused, as is my mutant accent.



  1. Love it (and you!) and can’t wait to read more from you. I had to google the Carrie Bradshaw reference, but I do see a passing resemblance 🙂 I wouldn’t call your accent mutant but more ‘fusion’… Actually it’s still so British posh I feel like I have to be on my best behavior around you… 🙂 Miss you dearly.

  2. Thank you Shazia! Some people have a hard believing I’m even British, which I have a hard time believing! Don’t let the accent intimidate you 😉 Lots of love dear friend.

  3. Hmmm…looking forward to reading your eco-pontifications/musings/epiphanies/. Mash’Allah this is a very fresh and honest introduction, that depicts the earnest endeavours of an eco-Mum. We certainly don’t need to be sitting cross-legged at the ascent of a mountain, to be a hippy at heart and striving to make a better world.

    1. Absolutely Ghazal! Well said. I believe that we are custodians of the Earth and however much or little we contribute still counts. The same goes for parenthood or any other role we play – we always aim for sky high perfection, and at times we achieve it, but more often than not we falter. And that is perfectly fine.

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